Monday, June 3, 2013

The Alchemist

I've had Paulo Coelho's The Alchemist on my "To Read" list forever.  It was advertised somewhere as one of the most translated, most read books in the world (first published in 1988).  I just happened to pick it up at the book store because I had an hour to stall before my daughters finished shopping.  It was fairly short novel, so I knew I could read it during the busy last few weeks of school.

I have RARELY reread books (except for those books I teach); I believe there are just too many books in the world to read.  I don't want to waste pleasure reading time rehashing something I've already consumed.  The Alchemist is, however, a book that would get better each time it is read.  I guess I read The Alchemist for the story/the plot the first reading, but there is so much more to this text.  There are many levels going on with finding your personal legend, with nature, with watching for signs/symbols, with following your instincts, etc.  One of my friends indicated it was one of her favorite books to teach to her high schoolers--interesting.

Coelho's website can be found by clicking HERE.  This guy does it all:  website, blog, videocasts, Twitter, Facebook, etc.  His blog appears to be something I would like to check out later.  His main website will link you to these other modes.

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