Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Titan's Curse

I (mostly) finished reading the third book of five in the Percy Jackson's series.  The Titan's Curse continues on these quest-type adventures.  I do like the book's themes (especially good triumphant over evil, friendships, etc.) and mythology review; however, I'm done reading them for a while.  My son devoured the fourth book on his new Kindle.  The next day we visited our library to get book five.

This year in Reading, my students read ten class novels plus a minimum of two additional novels (which met various criteria).  I've toyed with the idea of adding Percy Jackson into the line up for next year, but I am hesitant about how some more conservative parents will perceive the whole god and goddess STORY (I teach at a small Catholic school; thrilled with parental involvement of any kind).  I was very clear in my instructions when I taught mythology, but . . .

Nonetheless, this is a great series of books.  (Just not enough my cup-of-tea to read all five).  Highly recommend.

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