Wednesday, May 30, 2012

"V" is for Voigt

Other than Virgil, I could not think of a poet whose name began with "V." (Keep in mind I jot these barely coherent "ramblings" down before and/or during my morning coffee).  I came across a contemporary poet named Ellen Bryant Voigt.  I loved how . . . musically . . . she read her poem entitled "The Hive" (click Voigt to hear). 

I read more about her, learning she was first trained in music.  She was quoted on The Poetry Foundations website as saying the following:  “I primarily write by my ear. I write by sound first, and then I have to go back and . . . press on every word and figure out the structure of what is being said rather than how it’s being said, but there’s no question to me that sound is the generative force. . . . [Poetry] does its work through music which then allows for exploration of . . . complicated and therefore accurate feelings.”  How beautifully stated!  Her comments are exemplified in her reading her work "The Hive" (above link).

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