Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Spiderwick Chronicles

I attempt to read with my son four or five nights a week.  We are working our way through the Percy Jackson series.  The reading level is a little too difficult for him, so we read it together (not to mention that the mythology review helps me!).  I wanted a series he could read in bed at night, I would read also, and we could discuss at breakfast or in the car.  We picked The Spiderwick Chronicles.

We started spring break.  My husband and I had to take our son with us to our "tax" meeting, so I encouraged my son to start the book.  Well . . . he completed the entire book at the meeting.  I asked him how he liked it.  "I didn't.  I didn't get it."  As a teacher, I really do not like when students say "I don't get it."  I want them to be more specific.  My son couldn't, and he wasn't interested in any elaboration.

Nonetheless, I read the book hoping I could spark his interest, and we could go to the library to get book two. Like my son, I didn't like it.  I have no desire to read further.  And I really cannot elaborate why.

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