Saturday, January 7, 2017

In The Shadow of Lakecrest

I actually read the Kindle First selection I made DURING the month it was available.  The book I chose this month was Elizabeth Blackwell's In the Shadow of Lakecrest.

I'm getting ready to do a cooperative Roaring 20's project at school, so I thought the 1928 setting would be a nice adult compliment.  I gave this book four stars (of five), but more like a 3.5.  The book had a great plot, but I never connected with the characters.

Strange, to think that was the first word my future husband ever spoke to me, as if he were warning me away from what was to come.

Well--you both should have run away from each other.  There was much conflict in this novel, but I felt the characters' reactions were underplayed and underdeveloped.  My husband nearly killed me.  Oh well.  I forgive him.  Let's spoon and go back to sleep.

I did love the overall creepy, mysterious tone of the novel--pretty dark, but in a well done way that propelled the story and not hovered over me like a dark cloud.


  1. The Youth Media Awards were announced this morning.

    You indicated you wanted to try the challenge to read all the winners. Check here for the details: Read all the YMA winners Challenge 2017

  2. I did check those out yesterday. I have not read any of them yet--must not have picked the right books last year. It is motivation to get caught up.