Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Eleventh Plague

I am not sure why I chose this book to read--perhaps it was one a student donated to our classroom.  Scholastic was highlighting it in one of its fliers, and I had a super quiet, avid-reader student order it.  Anything to connect to students . . .

This book is appropriate for junior high students and older.  Given the violence and destruction (both present and implied), I would not recommend it for most readers younger than 7th grade.

I thought this novel was decent.  I've nearly had my fill of the post-apocalyptic novels.  This one followed in that traditional format.  Interesting main character.  Nothing too exceptional about the book that makes is stand apart from other books in this genre.  I probably would have "ranked" it higher on my Goodreads list if this had been one of the first books in this genre I have read.  There were some interesting, familiar details (decrepit old Starbucks, etc.) and a not-too-sappy romance to draw readers into the text.  I would not hesitate to read other books by this author--click HERE for more information about Jeff Hirsch and his books.  His book is way better than his website.

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