Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Patterson's Maximum Ride Series

I was blessed by a student who donated a half-dozen hard cover books to my classroom as her graduation gift to the school.  One of the books she donated was from James Patterson's Maximum Ride Series.  There have been a couple of my students who are obsessed with this series and who kept bugging me to read them.

The book, The Final Warning, was the fourth book in the series.  It is a relatively short book.  Easy read.  I love that this book can stand alone--I did not read the first three books in this series; however, I did not feel like this omission diminished my understanding of the book.  There is a science-fiction element that I did not expect from a Patterson book.  The book was "OK," but I did not like it enough to read any more in this series.  I can, however, understand the vast appeal to tween/teen readers.

Special note--on the back of this novel (not sure if true for all versions and/or all books in this series) the following is written:  "Special care has been taken with the language and content of The Final Warning."  This book HAD the potential to be more graphic and/or contain some inappropriate language, but thankfully it does not.  This should be a huge bonus for parents of children who love to read adventure books.

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