Monday, June 10, 2013

Another Dan Brown Book

Several of my co-workers and I were excited about the release of the new Dan Brown book.  We were in the middle of the longest few weeks of school, so I downloaded it from my library onto my Kindle the day my grades were turned in.  Bonus!  The novel was broken down in 100 chapters (give or take)--if you have children, you will understand WHY this is such a perk.

Well . . . Inferno was just the read I needed!  I did not, however, like this book nearly as well as The DaVinci Code or Angels and Demons, but it was that action-packed, suspenseful read from page one. This Robert Langdon book lacked the controversial religious allusions that were in Brown's previous books, but I don't think that is why I felt the other two books were better.  Inferno followed much the same "formula" of the other Langdon books, yet I found myself looking up pictures of many of the places in Venice to which they were referring (that counts as research, right?).  

This book even required me to think wwwaaaayyyy back to undergrad when I read Dante's Divine Comedy.  Who knows--as the summer unfolds and I need something more substantial to read, I just may pick up Dante again.  For now, Inferno met my particular reading craving.  I'll be waiting for the next Dan Brown book, and so will my co-workers!

Author site:  Dan Brown

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