Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hope Was Here

I pulled a box of books from the closet in my classroom and found a set of 2001 Newbery Honor books entitled Hope Was Here.  I know it had not been taught for four years.  From the looks/condition of the books, it was probably only taught once.

Joan Bauer's book was awesome!!!!  I am going to teach it as a whole class novel next April for Poetry Month.  There are so many examples of beautiful and fun uses of figurative language.  I think it will pair nicely with the figurative language I will teach with poetry.  The themes in this book include choosing to do right, being true to self, search for self, what constitutes a family, etc.

Bauer's website can be found by clicking HERE.

I used this novel as one of three my students were simultaneously doing in small groups.  I used a reading guide I found on-line (click HERE), and I modified it.  It really is an excellent starting point for reading lesson plans.

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