Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Raven

I needed a day or two lesson before I begin a new novel with my eighth grade students.  I turned to the old anthologies collecting dust on the shelves and found the perfect work for this Halloween week (though we are not allowed to use "Halloween" at our school).  I knew the social studies teacher reads "The Tell-Tale Heart" to the students, but I could read "The Raven" with them.  (click HERE for copy of poem). 

When doing a little background reading, I noticed many high profile actors have YouTube videos reading the poem.  My favorite would be Vincent Price, but I think this would not have went over well with my students.  Only one had ever heard of him--Yikes!  So I found a James Earl Jones reading:  The Raven.  All the students appear engaged.  I was impressed.  One student told me she didn't like the background music in this selection, but I loved it.  Worth the listen during this ominous time of year.

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