Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Election Book

My son ordered a couple books from his class' Scholastic order, and I added one to the list.  The election Book:  The People Pick a President arrived at the perfect time--the day of the third presidential debate.  This book is perfect for explaining all that goes into an election.  In an objective manner, it explains the roles of the President, campaining for office, the election process, and the importance of voting.

The book could be rather dry; however, it adds interesting facts and some humor to it.  One particular humorous section was about the symbols of the Republican and Democratic party. 

We read through this 112 page book (in separate sittings) in about an hour and a half.  The last 25 pages included websites to visit, glossary of terms, chart of election results, and list (w/ picture) of the presidents through Obama.  Great read for my third grader!

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