Thursday, June 7, 2012

Turtle in Paradise

For Christmas, I received a gift certificate from my students.  I chose to spend it on Newbery books--something that was lacking in my classroom.  I purchased Jennifer L. Holm's Turtle in Paradise (among several others, too).  It received a 2010 Newbery Honor.

In short, I am not certain why this book received a Newbery award.  I would consider it a "beach read" for adolescents.  Literary value?  I felt like there were too many stories in this short work, none of which were fully developed.  

One of my students did read it during the school year.  From what I recall of the conversation, she thought it was fine.  Nothing exciting.  She was more excited to learn that "Turtle" was the main character's name.  I don't recall her giving much more detail.

The novel was just "OK" in my opinion.  Like I said--a beach read.

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