Monday, June 25, 2012

Sarah's Key

Last summer I remember a friend telling me she just finished reading Sarah's Key, and that I have to read it.  I have heard one or two other people mention it, but did not pay much attention to it.  Then I saw it at our school's book fair . . . and I purchased it.

I didn't have any idea this was a Holocaust novel.  Having spent the last two weeks of school with students reading novels on this topic, I wasn't sure I wanted something this dark my first weeks of summer break.  Nonetheless, I began Tatiana De Rosnay's book and could not put it down until I was finished.  The book contained enough mystery to keep me reading, enough Holocaust detail to keep me engaged, and enough sappy love story for it to be a great summer read.

Click HERE for a link to the author's website.  I wouldn't hesitate to read another one of her works.  

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