Wednesday, March 28, 2012

"Q" is for Queyras

I'm weak on poetry, so I've never even heard of this author--Sina Queyras (or any other poets beginning with "Q" on my quick search).  I so need to read more.  Then again, who doesn't?!?!?

Nonetheless, below is a section from her work Eurphoria:


Dear Time, you swallowed us whole, swallowed us lovely, sharp as bones
Crimping sadly under foot my benign, my flotsam and crabs thin as leaves
Your smoothing, your sinking in. Mornings or mooring, or wallowing
Jericho: tapioca air indolent. I am still there, supple and driftwood, you lovely,
You loved me, your memory dark and west, thoughts like tugboats stitching
The horizon, you pulling me, my pudding, my thin crustacean, sideways
In the late afternoon, your gaze, having so soon forgotten the sharpness
Of mornings, the bite of your look serrating the hour: my treasures, all
Of them, for the pleasure of that slice once more, of our dangling,
You and me, the lot of us in some car, driving some hour, mapless.

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