Thursday, March 8, 2012

City of Ember

I read the first book in the City of Ember series with my seventh grade class.  They really enjoyed it--and found many parallels with The Hunger Games series.  I did as well.  One of my students had read all four books before we read this first book in class.  He chuckled his way through as our class tried predicting.  I am sure that was an interesting experience for him.  I need to add the other three books to my list of "summer reading" that keeps growing and growing and growing . . .

I have discovered a very LARGE, second-hand bookstore recently.  I picked up about six books in this series (there are a total of four books) for my students to borrow.  They were gone instantly. 

The second book is the sequel to the first book.  The third book is the PREQUEL to the first book.  One of my students is reading the third book (before the second); he says he is glad he read it in this order.  He wishes, actually, that he read the third book first.  Hum?!?!

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