Saturday, February 25, 2012

Gender Vs. Genre

During Right-to-Read Week at our school, I am doing an independent novel study with my students.  I introduced this idea (it makes me a little twitchy to relinquish this control) on Wednesday so they could start thinking about a book selection.  I told students that any Newbery winner or honoree (of adequate length) was automatically accepted.  Because I teach at a Catholic school, I told them that other books must be approved by me (for reading level and length) AND their parents (for content). 

I proceeded class discussion talking about some possible books.  One student raised his hand and said, "Awesome!  So you mean we can pick a book of any gender?!?!"

I responded above the giggling sounds of the more astute students, "Yes--you may choose a book of any GENRE."


Gender. Genre. Who knew this would have been a vocabulary lesson?!?!


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