Monday, February 10, 2014

A Time to Kill

I purchased one of John Grisham's newest books, Sycamore Road, for my father for Christmas (his request).  I did not realize it was the second in a series book.  A Time to Kill was first published in 1989--so it took nearly 25 years to come out with the second one.  Since I wanted to read the book I had bought for dad, I thought I would read A Time to Kill first.

Overall, I loved the book--the plot, the characters, the setting, etc.  However, at 544 pages I wanted to scream "Enough with the details!"  I am a poor reader when it comes to skimming.  I feel if my eyes do not cover every word and my brain does not process those words, I will miss something important.  I more proficient reader could skim those "boring parts" and finish this book in half the time.

I just received notice from my library that I can load the sequel onto my Kindle.  It is 100 pages shorter, but I am not sure I can devote 450 pages of reading at this point.  May have to wait until summer when school is out . . . but I am anxious to read it!

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