Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Looking for Alaska

My daughters (15 & 16-year-old non-readers) and I loved A Fault in Our Stars.  We REALLY wanted to read another John Green novel.  We requested a couple from the library, and Looking for Alaska was the first to arrive.  I enjoy these novels because the characters are smart and well-read (something I would love to be in my next life!).

Fortunately, my non-reader daughter petered out of her reading binge (words I thought I would never say or write).  This is DEFINITELY NOT a book for students in junior high.  I would not be real thrilled with my high school daughters reading this novel--though I thought it was fantastic story.  SPOILER--the narrator describes a fellatio incident in fairly significant detail.  I really don't want my children reading this how-to.  I am not super prudish as to what they read (as long as I know), but this was fairly graphic.

I enjoy reading John Green's author page--click HERE for more information.  He's witty, direct, and personable . . . not unlike his novels.

I look forward to same day reading another Green novel--perhaps An Abundance of Katherines.  I just need a year sabbatical from work and family as well as a new pair of prescription glasses to accomplish this goal.

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