Thursday, May 17, 2012

Love, Stargirl

I read Jerry Spinelli's sequel to Stargirl entitled Love, Stargirl.  I liked it, not loved it.  I'm not sure that my students would love it.  Stargirl seems fairly immature in some respects--I guess I expect more from a high school student.  Stargirl has a junior high mentality. I don't think this book would be as appreciated by those Stargirl's age.  Students in the sixth, seventh, or eighth grade would enjoy these books more than other age groups.

I do enjoy Stargirl's perspective on things--especially in noticing the little details in life.  She pays attention to things most of us are too busy to even notice or care.  I think this theme is more prominent in the first book; however, there are plenty of examples in book two.

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