Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Acorn People

One of the texts on the reading list I acquired was Ron Jones' The Acorn People.  I'll be real honest--I did not like this book.  I do, however, understand why it is part of our seventh grade reading curriculum.

This short (under one hundred pages) non-fiction work fulfills two significant purposes:  non-fiction and the topic of persons with various physical handicaps.  The book, however, was written in the 70's and paints what I feel an overly rosy (maybe because of the short length of the book) picture of how the "normal", healthy camp counselors changed the world for a group of individuals.  I would have like a more reciprocal relationship developed.  

Nonetheless, until I find something better--I suspect this book will stay in the "reading list" for another year.  I need to find a better way to use this text as a springboard for further study.  Maybe it wasn't the book--it was the teacher.  Ouch!

See Ron Jones for more information.

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