Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Cat Who Went to Heaven

I was searching for a quick book for my son to read for his book report.  (He currently is reading a long, difficult novel of his choosing that I didn't think was relevant for a 2nd grade book report).  I came back from the library with several selections, and he chose The Cat Who Went to Heaven.  Coatsworth won the Newbery Medal in 1931 for this book.
My son really liked this "story," but on a very surface level.  I tried explaining how this ties in with religion, even though we don't worship Buddah we can respect all religions, etc.  I overcomplicated it.  He has to write (writing = his nemisis) five sentences about this book.  They are as follows:  1) The cat is white, yellow, and black.  2) The cat died of extreme joy and went to heaven.  3) The cat didn't act like normal cats.  4) the cat had a tail like a bunny. 5) The cat's name was Good Fortune.  Hum?!?

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