Thursday, September 22, 2011

Belle Prater's Boy

I'm trying to get caught back up in reading, well basically in life.  I let it overwhelm me as it does from time to time, but now I am back on track.  I just finished reading Belle Prater's Boy with my seventh grade reading class.  What a great book about overcoming life's hardships, looking beyond appearances, and developing friendships.  The majority of my students enjoyed the book nearly as much as I did.

The novel is set in a small town nestled in the Appalachian Mountains.  There is a dark twist in the novel; however, it is written in a way that is appropriate for young adults (aka--middle school students), and the novel's humor balances out the seriousness very well.  Ruth White is certainly deserving of her Newberry award. 

This novel is very appropriate to teach in a Christian school (as I do).  There are many opportunities to discuss specific religious implications; however, discussing overall goodness themes (as more appropriate in public schools) works as effectively.

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