Friday, July 22, 2011


Another book I read for my online classes was Sacramental Theology: Means of Grace, Ways of Life by Kurt Stasiak, O.S.B..  This book reads quickly and is short in length (just over 150 pgs.).  It is part of a series put out by Loyola Press/A Jesuit Ministry.
What I enjoyed about this book was that I was enough theology to stimulate, but not so much as to overwhelm this simpleton.  Those better versed in Sacramental theology than I could use various references cited to further reading to delve even deeper.  It did provide chapter summaries and references to the CCC.  In addition, the book added a "For Reflection" section at the end of each chapter each containing two to five questions to ponder.

I noticed that my next class utilizes a book from this series, too.  A great reference book for my religion shelf at school.

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