Friday, July 1, 2011

Babbling About Books

Since it is July 1st, I thought today would be a good day to force myself to read and write daily.  I'm switching jobs in the fall (from working with early learners the past dozen years into my field of junior high English), and I need to catch up . . . quickly.  I am also a person who needs to SEE progress--so I am hoping this written record will help.

This summer I am trying to complete my catechist certification.  I'm taking online courses through Univ. of Dayton.  These courses are SUPPOSED to be 5-7 hours worth of work; one class at a time is recommended.  I enrolled for two five-week courses now and two in August--leaving me just one class when school starts.  I am either really slow (I know this to be true) or these classes underestimate the amount of time spent to complete assignments.  I feel this is my full time job!
One of the books I am reading Michael Pennock's This Is our Faith.  In short, Pennock summarizes our catechism in just over 300 pages.  The online discussions have been fabulous.  My favorite discussion board was analyzing Jesus' human and divine natures.  Maybe the work for these classes is only 5-7 hours--but how can one turn off his or her brain when thinking about such deeply perfect ideas?!?!?

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